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When I was a young boy, I was annoyed when it rained in the Florida summer afternoons and wondered why that happened. That question sparked a passion that has carried out ever since.

Fast forward to over 25 years and I am a meteorologist who has plenty of other interests in life that go hand-in-hand. My photojournalism and news gathering skills can tell the weather story and educate others. My social media, web expertise, and tech-savvy can get the word out to people about inclement weather. My previous research in college is proof of my desire to continuously learn about atmospheric science. National-level awards were earned for my forecasting in graduate school, and I was ranked 13th in the nation in The Weather Challenge competition in 2012-2013. I’m always eager to learn new things to stay ahead of the curve in a rapidly changing economy and technology needs.

My interests in the field include new media, education, social science, weather forecasting, mesoscale and tropical meteorology.

I currently live in Tallahassee, Fla. with my wife and son.