#TallyWeather Forecast for Friday

I’ll give you an early hint: Bring an umbrella.

A developing low early tomorrow along with a trough digging into the southeastern states will allow for heavy rainfall Friday with conditions slowly improving on Saturday. Rain has already arrived in town briefly this evening, but more will be on the way late tonight and tomorrow.

The American long-term guidance model – the GFS – is the lowest with rain prediction through Monday morning with 1 to 1.5 inches. The ECMWF (the European model) is calling for 2-4 inches for the area, but the American short-term model – the NAM – is calling for a very high amount of nearly 5 inches. I think the GFS is too low for the amount of uplift and moisture that is expected, but the NAM is just going gang busters. I could see that amount happening in a few isolated places, but I wouldn’t comfortably call for that much. I’ll go with the prediction of 2-4 inches for the Tallahassee area through Monday morning, though most of the rain should be completely out by midday Saturday.

Expect a low tonight near 61, with a high near 68. The cloud cover and rain will help keep temps moderated.

Stay dry, my friends.

UPDATE: A Flood WATCH is in effect for Leon County from late tonight until late Friday night. A watch means that flooding is possible in the watch area, and to look out for flooding or any flood warnings that could be issued.

#TallyWeather Forecast for Thursday

Work kept me from posting an update last night, but I do have tomorrow’s for you.

It will be a nice night as mostly clear skies are expected tonight. Some cloud cover could creep in around dawn, though. I’m expecting a low near 50.

Cloud cover is expected to return early in the day as a upper trough is expected to dip into the gulf and help develop a surface low. Rain chances will not be that high on Thursday (~ 20 percent).  The high should be near 71.

Heads up: Rain chances will be much higher on Friday as this low ramps up.  Keep that umbrella handy.

#TallyWeather Forecast for Tuesday

The SPC has added Tallahassee under a slight risk of severe weather starting Tuesday morning. The primary threats are damaging winds and small hail.

A low and accompanying cold front is moving east across the eastern U.S. Aloft, a trough is dug into the southeastern states.

The ECMWF (aka “The Euro”) and the American GFS  guidance models are hinting at a relative low level jet  across the Florida panhandle, Georgia and Alabama tomorrow morning. This will help add some speed shear to the environment. Moisture will continue to increase during the night, which will also help with thunderstorm development.

The storms will likely move into town early in the morning and continue after dawn. The rain will likely temper down in the afternoon.

The low tonight should be around 68. The high on Monday should be around 70.

Temps will tank Tuesday night and Wednesday morning after the passage of the front, so don’t put your winter weather clothing away just yet.


#TallyForecast for Monday

The tranquil weather that Tallahassee has had will last just a little bit longer.  High cloudiness will continue to move in from the west as a storm system that’s currently out in the Midwest makes its way towards the east.

Tonight, skies will be mostly cloudy with a low near 61.

For Monday, skies will continue to be mostly cloudy with a slim chance of rain. High near 82.


Hello, everyone!

You may have wondered what happened to the main webpage I had with the goofy photo of me from 2009 juggling a old video camera, an anemometer, a Canon EOS 40D, and a handheld ham radio transceiver.

With having so many blogs, and websites spread out, I have decided to consolidate everything into one place. The photo blog and weather blog will be pretty much combined into one. The photo website (photo.charleseroop.com), which is hosted by PhotoShelter, will be taken down by the end of the month due to web hosting costs and no return on investment ever reached. During the coming days, I will experiment to see if I can effectively add galleries to the blog  so my work can still be on display.

As for the Florida Weather Update blog, unfortunately that will be taken offline due to costs. My budget is tight, and I can’t stomach the hosting web fees anymore. The blog is expected be removed by the middle of May.  I haven’t had a whole lot of time to update it, and I’m not getting much traffic from it anyway. The social media entities (e.g. Facebook, Twitter) are expected to remain open.

I’m hoping to add new photo/video and/or weather content and discussions at least once a week. Let’s see where this goes.

To eliminate spam and possible security issues, I have disabled comments on the blog. If you want to discuss something, address it on the social media post it was posted on.

The new blog is still in beta mode, so it will take some time to get it solidified. Then again, shouldn’t every site be in beta mode?